Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am working my self out of a job. Who else do you knw does their job to the best of their ability, hoping to someday not to be needed in their current position? But as a mother that is exactly what we do. We have these tiny little need bundles put into our arms and we are told to bond and do everything for them. We do it with such relish! Such joy! I loved feeding and changing and giving to my babies. Now they can get their own breakfasts. They put their own laundry away. Where are these babies I did so much for? They are growing up. Each time they learn one life skill I am getting closer to unemployment. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I want to make their breakfast but on the other hand I dont want to be doing my grown man sons laundry! What a strange paradox. I celebrate each thing they learn how to do. I look back on their babyhood with much nostalgia. I am thankful for the memories but I am most thankful for the people they are becoming. They will be good productive citizens that can take care of themselves and their families. And I can relax and enjoy them fully.

Monday, January 30, 2012


I love to homeschool, saying that I am aware it is not for everyone. It's not even for all my kids. Only 3 of my kids homeschool now. Like I've mentioned before I have very mixed feelings about this. Sure, I wish we all sat around the kitchen table reading Bible verses while we churn butter. Well that didn't work out this year. One of my boys made it very obvious that this was not the answer for his education and another boy went with him. Anyway.... I am getting off course. The goal of this blog today is to show you what a day in our homeschool looks like. In the early days I was obsessed with how other people did their schooling. To help offset my voyeurism I am blogging a typical day in the DeLaughser household: 9:00 we start by gathering at the table. We tried starting earlier but I didn't have time to workout and start a load of laundry. This frees me up to take care of myself so I can take care of everyone else. Once they all get to table the girls check on their computers to see what subjects are assigned for the day. It can be anywhere from two to six lessons. The girls do Connections Academy and we love it! We highly recommend it! At the same time I get Ben ready to stArt his subjuects. Everyday he does: math, reading, science, social studies, Bible. He uses Christian Light Education. I have my teaching certificate from this Mennoninite school. I do all of his school with him. He just needs that right now. Soon he will do more on his own. Around 11:00 the girls have Live Lessons with their online teacher and a class room full of kids. All from the comfort of their kitchen table. Soon I go get the kindergartner and we all hAve lunch. By now, usually, the girls have finished school and I have checked off their work. Now we can see family members or friends And neighbors. We use this time to go to the library, practice piano or do home ec. Homeschool only takes half the time of brick and mortars school so we have time at the end of the day to minister to others or explore other interests. And of course we read and read. I like to have a book series that we read aloud. We have read many over the years like: Little House on the Prairie and all the Junie B Jones books. Now we are reading Childhoods of Famous Americans. I hope you have enjoyed a snapshot of our days here at home.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being in the world not of it

Someone asked me the other day "don't you wish you had done more, made money, had a big important job?" I really thought about that for a while. I had to think where is this dear friend coming from? She is unhappy with her path and she sees my path as the same as hers. She is worried that my daughters don't know there is any path but the one I am on. She tells them to go away to college and have a life before they marry. so, when I get my girls home I try to show them the joy that my path has given me. The world has spoken to my friends heart not the Lords way. Sure some are called to the single life and that is ok. My girls want very much to have a husband that loves them and the Lord, have babies and watch them grow up. Just like me. After all they are those babies I am watching become women of God! I hope that they go to college but I also hope they don't find all of their self worth in a degree. My dear friend is at the end of her life and she reflects back a lot. I respect that. I want my girls to look forward and dream of the life where their family takes us an entire pew at church, and they have breadstick fights at the dinner table, and all the things a family brings. It is so hard to raise children in the world and I think about this so much. As their teacher I have to teach them to love the best parts of the world But guard their hearts agantist it too.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who I am

I am a mom of 5 beautiful kids. I homeschool 3 of them. The other 2 go to brick and mortar. I have very mixed feelings about this. These 5 kids are why I am starting is blog. Not that I have so much spare time to write all my deep thoughts, but because I am so tired most days I can't remember breakfast let alone the precious things the kids have said. So, I am writing this for them, so they know that I did notice all the amazing things they did.
I have been a wife for the last 14 years and I do have a few things I have learned along the way and maybe that will be helpful to you. Maybe my kids will look back on this and learn those same things. Anyway, I hope this blog blesses you and encourages you. Thanks for reading....