Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am working my self out of a job. Who else do you knw does their job to the best of their ability, hoping to someday not to be needed in their current position? But as a mother that is exactly what we do. We have these tiny little need bundles put into our arms and we are told to bond and do everything for them. We do it with such relish! Such joy! I loved feeding and changing and giving to my babies. Now they can get their own breakfasts. They put their own laundry away. Where are these babies I did so much for? They are growing up. Each time they learn one life skill I am getting closer to unemployment. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I want to make their breakfast but on the other hand I dont want to be doing my grown man sons laundry! What a strange paradox. I celebrate each thing they learn how to do. I look back on their babyhood with much nostalgia. I am thankful for the memories but I am most thankful for the people they are becoming. They will be good productive citizens that can take care of themselves and their families. And I can relax and enjoy them fully.

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