Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being in the world not of it

Someone asked me the other day "don't you wish you had done more, made money, had a big important job?" I really thought about that for a while. I had to think where is this dear friend coming from? She is unhappy with her path and she sees my path as the same as hers. She is worried that my daughters don't know there is any path but the one I am on. She tells them to go away to college and have a life before they marry. so, when I get my girls home I try to show them the joy that my path has given me. The world has spoken to my friends heart not the Lords way. Sure some are called to the single life and that is ok. My girls want very much to have a husband that loves them and the Lord, have babies and watch them grow up. Just like me. After all they are those babies I am watching become women of God! I hope that they go to college but I also hope they don't find all of their self worth in a degree. My dear friend is at the end of her life and she reflects back a lot. I respect that. I want my girls to look forward and dream of the life where their family takes us an entire pew at church, and they have breadstick fights at the dinner table, and all the things a family brings. It is so hard to raise children in the world and I think about this so much. As their teacher I have to teach them to love the best parts of the world But guard their hearts agantist it too.


  1. Kim, you are an awesome Mom and a wonderful role model for your daughters. Teaching them by example is the only way you can be sure that they will make their own choices and not choose your way just to please you.

    I love to see how smart and creative my girls are and can't wait to see how they use their talents with their families some day. But I feel bad when someone else tells them that in order to be successful they have to use their talents to make money! But I leave it in God's hands, we can only be that example and pray they make the right choices.

    I love that you started a blog! I will put your link on my blog!

    Love, Maureen

    1. Thanks, and you are so right!

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      Yes it is amazing watching the paths all those wonderful girls will take!